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Nitendo Switch [Switch] Homebrew Launcher pour Switch sous FW 3.0 disponible

The Promodo CM|T

Ancien staff CC|T
Ancien staff CC|T
Bonjour à tous :cm:

Le développeur KGSWS vient de libérer NRO Loader GUI, le Homebrew Launcher intégrant une interface GUI permettant de lancer les homebrews compilés avec libtransistor.

Vous avez besoin d'une console Switch sous firmware 3.0, de Pegaswitch pour lancer ace_loader, et derrière un fichier NRO, ici c'est kgdoom.nro qui sera lancé un portage de Doom qui est d'ailleurs également disponible.

Tout ceci est disponible en version Bêta !

-= kgdoom =-

This is a first beta version of my Doom port.
Intended platform was Nintendo Switch, but in future i will add other.
Right now it is the only supported platform.

This is a quick beta release and likely contains a lot of bugs.

Aim of this port is not to stay compatible with original Doom, but to enhance it's fatures
while keeping oldschool software renderer with all various color additional tricks.

There are already some original Doom bugs fixed and small enhancemets added.

Before you try anything:
- you need firmware version 3.0.0
- learn what pegaswitch is
- sdbcore it will delete your Miis

How to:
- you need firmware version 3.0.0, again
- you need libtransistor to compile this
- you need ace_loader to run this (part of libtransistor)
- you need pegaswitch to run ace_loader
- 'temp' contains compiled ace loader with GUI and kgDoom app directory
- you have to modify pegaswitch to host static files
* see bellow
* create new 'files' directory
* place 'kgdoom.nro' into 'files'
* place one of original IWADs here too (lowercase name), check command line options below
* save ace.nro somewhere accessible, can be in 'files'
* run pegaswitch with sdbcode, runnro ace.nro
- connect using netcat to ACE loader, port 2991 (you have to know switch IP)
- send command 'exec kgdoom.nro', optionaly check command line options below

Command line options:
- to run shareware (doom1.wad), just run 'kgdoom.nro'
- to run doom 1 (doom.wad), run 'kgdoom.nro -doom'
- to run doom ultimate (doomu.wad), run 'kgdoom.nro -doomu'
- to run doom 2 (doom2.wad), run 'kgdoom.nro -doom2'
- to run plutonia (plutonia.wad), run 'kgdoom.nro -plutonia'
- to run TNT (tnt.wad), run 'kgdoom.nro -tnt'
- to run FreeDoom (freedoom1.wad), run 'kgdoom.nro -freedoom'
- to run FreeDoom2 (freedoom2.wad), run 'kgdoom.nro -freedoom2'

Known Bugs and unimplemented stuff:
- HID (controller) initialization fails sometimes
* try again
- no save / load, including configuration
- no music
- not 100% tested, i was able to finish shareware episode

Switch controls:
- check out options in main menu
- hold 'weapon button' down and use right stick to pick a new weapon
- use + or - to enter main menu
- use A to confirm

Some features planned:
- Lua scripting; use Doom engine for your games (already WIP, about 50% done)
- 3D floors; to add more depth to levels (i did this in a past, easy)
- custom color remaps, sector lightmaps (fog effects), translucency using tables
- renderer update: better math; 320x200 hides all imperfections

Téléchargement :

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start.js - copy paste to pegaswitch folder
ace.nro - copy paste to nros

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readme for doom:
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