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XBOX 360 [XBox] SNES9XBox, émulateur Super Nintendo pour Xbox v6b08

The Promodo CM|T

Ancien staff CC|T
Ancien staff CC|T
Yo les gens :cm:

Pendant que certains tentent encore de rendre compatible leurs roms snes sur la super nes mini classic dans l'ombre, des développeurs cherchent encore à améliorer l'émulation de la SuperNes sur la Xbox 1 première du nom. Pour ceux qui ne le sauraient pas la Xbox 1 (trouvable entre 15 à 20euros) reste encore l'une des meilleures consoles pour l'émulation.

C'est une belle surprise auquel personne ne s'attendait.

Voici le changelog :

* All cores updated to madmab edition interface CFv1b28.

* Fixed some of the odd looking text in cut scenes for the game Hook.

* Right mouse button was not operable in all cores... Fixed.

* Lightgun secondary fire and Justifier zapper clear got foobared when I modified the controller sequence. Fixed. Note: 1.43 core does not display a cursor.. so using the left analog as a lightgun is rather difficult.

* New game configuration option. "Disable Hi-Res? Yes/No". Defaults to yes. This helps improve speed in games that uses the SNES hi-res mode (Jurassic Ppark and Super Bases Loaded 1 & 3). However it can make text unreadable in some games.

* Rewind code is now working for the 1.51 and 1.53 cores. Due to too much slow down. Rewind is disabled for chip games.

* Implemented several speed hacks from the retroarch core (applies to 1.53 and 1.51). Some of them provide noticeable speed improvements others I'm not sure (maybe in certain parts of games). Here is a small list..

- Mosaic Hack ( Romancing Saga 3 only )

- Speed hacks ( 1.53 core only. Star Fox and variants, Vortex, Super Street Fighter II, FF 6 & 3, Chrono Trigger ). There is one for Super Mario World as well, although I don't remember that game having speed issues. Star Fox gets a pretty good speed bump that makes it almost full speed. Try this with the new frameskip option below.

- Subscreen hacks ( Many games.. I'm unsure if this benefits yet. Secret Of Mana gets a nice little speed boost )

- coldata_update_screen whatever that is ( TMNT Tour Fighters, K.I., Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius )

- clipping hack ( FF 6 and 3 only )

* Implemented a special kind of frameskip option (1.53 core only) which is different from a traditional frameskip. It is in the game configuration options as "Frameskip - Skip Every xx Frames". This causes the emulator to skip 1 frame for every xx frames (Try every 2 frames for Bio-Metal, 1 for Yoshi's Island, 10 for Super Mario RPG). Allowable range 0 to 10.

* The FPS display on 1.43 and 1.52 were not very useful. So I enabled the default x-port FPS display for these cores.

* New 1.53 APU core. This one also has a new sound core modified by byu that is supposedly more accurate. But I could not tell you how. This accuracy comes with a price, however and slows down the SNES emulation even more. This should not affect performance on xboxes with faster processsors (trusty) which this build is intended for anyways.

* New 1.53 APU core has a different save state format.. It is still capable of loading older savestates. However if you create savestates with this core, don't expect them to work with the normal 1.53 core.

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Bjr a tous

Voila jai une xbox modifié jaimerer faire un cd avec lémulateur de snes et les roms que jai pour pouvoir y jouer sur la xbox comment faut faire ?


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